Everything was going to be so professional and slick this week... Until the Skittles Newlyweds viral video invaded the office, that is. Naturally, considering the subject matter, seriousness went south and the team decided to talk about that instead.

Of course, Apple's mid-week launches couldn't be avoided by the plucky Pocket-linters, with Paul explaining exactly what's wrong with the new MacBook Airs (and any of the former ranges). Plus, the fake Apple Store in China gets a look in.

Dan suggests that C3PO and R2D2 were the wrong choices for the Star Wars Xbox 360, and each of the team members explain how they'd most like their console pimped.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty on iOS devices is the game of the week.

So, join the Linters for a fruit filled podcast, with more flavour than a spurt of sweeties.

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