Those YouTube bandits are at it again, creating funny virals for us to waste our Friday afternoons watching. This time the focus is on Rebekah Brooks, the ever popular ex-News International chief executive, who has been treated to her own special parody of Rebecca Black's viral sensation Friday.

For those yet to catch on to Friday, let us first bring you up to speed. Rebecca Black released the song on YouTube where it rapidly gained views as one of the worst songs ever made (which it wasn't - just clever marketing). Since then she has become a huge underground hit, appearing in videos including one by Katy Perry and going on to record and release a second YouTube-only track My Moment. 

The real fun however is in the alternate versions of Friday, including a death metal remix and of course the Rebekah Brooks special. 

The build up to the chorus is our favourite bit, particularly: "Dave is in the front seat, Gordon's in the back seat, gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take".

Things then continue, with that iconic tag line being transformed into "gotta resign on Friday". It's pretty much guaranteed to be a viral hit, with 50,000 views since its uploading on the 18th. 

What next? The viralsphere continues to flood with Rebekah Brooks and phone hacking-related spoofs, but no one is yet to top this.

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