Not long now until the Star Wars Blu-ray lands in shop shelves, likely causing a geek-pocalypse as video shops are flooded with fans of the series desperate to get their hands on a copy. 

Those however who plan to avoid the Star Wars chaos caused on the morning of 12 September will likely be putting pre-orders in. Those still to enter into the hi-def complete saga party however should most definitely head over to Amazon, where pre-order copies will ship with a reproduced limited edition 35mm still. 

In addition to the 9 disc set, which includes every single movie on Blu-ray and three discs of archive and documentary footage, there will be the movie still.

The Star Wars Sentitype, is a single 35mm frame reproduced from original footage, mounted and then numbered for that extra collectibility factor.

Pocket-lint were recently treated to a 30 second piece of footage from the new Blu-rays, causing us to immediately put in multiple pre-orders for the box set. C3PO in 1080p is about as good as it gets. 

Well nearly as good as it gets, being only just topped by the incredible Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with gold controller.

Hunter Skipworth

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