Adobe has set its first ever product free in the Mac app store; Photoshop Elements 9 Editor. The £54.99 application is a downloadable photo editing suite not unlike the standard Elements. 

It is designed to compliment iPhoto by adding more complex edit capabilities but keeping step by step instructions. Things like quick repair and one click fixes are order of the day. There is also the inclusion of layers, normally reserved for Adobe's more expensive software. 

Funny that Adobe and Apple play nice when it comes to making money through downloads, but the pair are at loggerheads over things like Flash.

The newly released OSX Lion for example disables Flash Player hardware acceleration and causes issues with software like Lightroom. Strange then that Adobe has said they are looking into what apps could support OSX Lion's clever always on backup and restore functions. Installing OSX Lion doesn't include Java or Flashplayer, both needing to be setup after the software is running.

Photoshop Elements 9 Editor is currently sitting at the top of the new and noteworthy section of the Mac app store. 

Hunter Skipworth

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