Amazon UK is set to get its own digital game download store, bringing the shopping service inline with the US. 

The Americans have been enjoying downloadable games since 2009, with quality titles being added in November last year. has its own special download section, stocked full of a series number of titles that you can pull straight from the cloud to your hard drive. 

MCV is reporting that the service has seen severe delays, originally pegged for an April launch. Things are currently in testing phase, with everything on track for an Autumn release.

“Amazon can use its retail muscle to draw attention to PC digital downloads and even upset the established order, where Valve sits at the head of the table.” a rival retailer told MCV.

Steam currently retains the disc free download crown. Amazon however, the worlds biggest online shopping site, could pose a serious threat. 

Personally we welcome the digital download concept, provided you have plenty of bandwidth to play with, otherwise those desperate to play may find days of waiting before downloads complete.

Digital downloads? Or discs your thing?

Hunter Skipworth

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