Samsung has unleashed a set of lighting quick SDHC/SD and MicroSDHC/SD memory cards designed specifically with mobile phones in mind.

The cards come in two forms, either 'essential' or 'plus', the later offering a best in class 21MB/s read time. The plus MicroSDHC/SD Arrives in 4 and 8 GB sizes, with essential going up to 16GB. Both feature 16GB maximum in the SDHC/SD camp.

Samsung has designed the cards to be extremely hardy, making it very tough to lose data. Testing saw the cards undergoing a serious battering, including a 1.6 ton vehicle driving over them. The cards can also 'resist' X-ray scanners and magnets. A special epoxy moulding compound also means they can deal with 24 hours in sea water, should you accidentally throw them in the ocean (not sure if they float though).

Whilst memory cards are not the most exciting thing on the planet, Samsung's decision to include a brushed aluminium finish definitely makes things more thrilling.

Expect the essential cards to start at £7.99 for a 2GB SD, going all the way up to £32.99 for 16GB of memory. The plus offerings are slightly more pricey, starting at £19.99 and going up £38.99 for either 8GB MicroSD or 16GB SD.

Hunter Skipworth

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