Back in June, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop showed off the company's first Windows Phone 7 smartphone - the Nokia Sea Ray - at a hush-hush event. Unbeknown to him (yeah, whatever) one audience member filmed the whole thing, posted it online at let the whole world into the secret.

And now, here's our first proper look at the Sea Ray in action, direct from the assembly line (at least we hope it's from the assembly line otherwise those weird background noises surely have something to do with torture).

The Mango device is packing the traditional Windows Phone 7 buttons it seems, we see them light up when the UI action kicks in - putting to bed rumours of virtual buttons. There's also a nice look at the camera features, although no front facing camera seems to be on board.

Reports suggest that the OS that this Sea Ray device is running is in fact the release to manufacturer version of Mango (build 7710), meaning that we're not far off yet from some official Mango fun.

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