If you've noticed a considerable slow down online in the last few hours, that's because the 'net is awash with eager Batman fans scrabbling for a glimpse at Thomas Hardy as Bane. Yep, The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has been leaked.

Presumably created for Comic-Con 2011 (being held in San Diego 21 - 24 July), the short clip is mainly made up of footage from the first two of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, with a smattering of a bed-ridden Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and a brief glimpse of Hardy's beefed-up villain.

A tease it may be, but it's already caused huge excitement in Pocket-lint Towers. Paul's put his duffel coat over his head and is swooping from desk to desk, while Hunter has had an expletive-laden rant at a lighting engineer.

Great stuff.

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