Asda is set to stock what must be one of the cheapest Android tablets currently on the market, the £99 Arnova 

The 8-inch Android 2.1-powered device boasts 4GB of internal memory, built in Wi-Fi and an SDHC slot for extra storage. 

Arnova is stating 25 hours worth of music playback on its tablet and high definition movie playback. Tech specs point to an 800x600 TFT screen and a lithium polymer battery.

The Arnova is not exactly Galaxy Tab 10.1 size, but definitely keeps things compact, weighing 500g and 20.5 x 1.2 x 15.3 cm.

Value for money non-Honeycomb Android tablets are starting to fill shop shelves, offering an affordable way into the Google infrastructure with a decent enough user experience.

Don't expect high quality build or nicely skinned versions of Android, but for £99 a tablet is difficult to ignore.