We don’t care if you’ve bungee jumped off Sydney Harbour Bridge, skied down the Hubbard Glacier, or climbed up the sheer façade of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur - there’s no greater adventure than becoming a parent.

If you’re still young, free and single, you’ll mock that statement, but if you’ve joined the parenting club, you’ll know what we mean.

But, like any adventure, it has its risks, its challenges and its hardships, so it’s great that there are sites like to offer a haven for those who are seeking inspiration and advice.

Parenting tips are ten a penny on the Internet, but this site offers sensible, practical information on every area of becoming a Dad.

From great days out to tips on what to do if you have to stay in - it’s all here in digestible and straightforward chunks.

Bookmark it now - even if you’ve not embarked on life’s great adventure. You’ll thank us later on if you do.

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