Microsoft's Andy Lees has pointed to a unified ecosystem for all of the companies' devices, including Xbox, PC and phones. 

Lees was speaking at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference when he said: "We are aiming to provide coherence and consistency across the PC, the phone, and the TV - particularly with Xbox," 

"That's through providing new types of scenarios - things like the way in which you make the user experience more common, as you saw yesterday in the demontration of the user experience you have on Windows 8, on Windows Phone, and also on Xbox - but also sharing key pieces of technology." he added. 

It looks like Lees is suggesting that the future of Xbox could be in Windows 8 form. We already know that the new operating system is going to be compatible with both desktops and laptops as well as portables, but the console element is a whole new ball game. 

As of now, the Xbox 360 uses a powerPC build, Windows 8 however is going to be both ARM and x86. This means if we were to find a console version of the OS, the new Xbox would be running an entirely different system architecture.

Personally we like the idea of one simple system to share between all our Microsoft devices, it definitely seems to be the direction that Apple is taking with OS X Lion and iOS, both of which share slightly similar features. 

Windows 8? or OS X?

Hunter Skipworth

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