Google News buffs can now enter themselves into a Call of Duty style point earning news-off thanks to the big G implementing special shareable badges. 

The more you read about a favourite topic, the more badges you earn relating to it. Things go all the way from bronze to ultimate, presumably only earned by the most obsessive of readers (or those who checkout Pocket-lint everyday)..

Google has said there is no less than 500 badges available, ranging from topics like Harry Potter to the US elections. One thing worth noting is that as of now the badges are sadly US Google News only. 

The badges default to private, but who wants to keep their news reading habits secret. Making things public definitely makes you seem smarter that's for sure. Open up the badges settings and you can choose to share them, chat and brag or use them to create news subsections relating to your interests.

Google has also made the decision to separate out its Science and Technology sections, meaning more easily obtainable news for gadget geeks. 

For those keen to find out more, check out Google's own special video devoted to the new badges, complete with Apple-esque happy music.

Fan of Google News? 

Hunter Skipworth

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