There is one online activity guaranteed to steal time from you, leaving you dazed and confused when you surface from what seemed like minutes but were actually hours.

No, not that. I’m talking about online video. Oh, hang on. Maybe I am talking about that

Anyway, watching videos online is a sure way to lose yourself, so it’s no surprise that watching them at work is the timewaster of choice for millions of us. But when you stumble upon something that’s worth further scrutiny, what do you do? Mail a link home? Scribble it on a scrap of paper and shove it in your pocket?

Now you don’t have to worry, because at you can download their clever little widget that will save your video content, so you can watch it later. It’s a  simple little add-on to your browser and every time you find something worth a second watch, hit the icon. Then you can view your saved content at RadBox later on.

So there goes the weekend too…

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