RIM is looking to turn the tide on its somewhat ominous looking fate with the promise of seven new handsets "over the coming months".

According to the company's Co-CEO Jim Balsille, the new mobile phones will be running BlackBerry OS 7. RIM has allegedly been struggling to get smartphones up to "market expectations", meaning it is yet to ship a new handset this year. 

The company has managed to add 1 million new BlackBerry subscribers in EMEA over a period of 3 weeks. A significant number, but nothing when compared to Google's 400,000 daily Android activations. 

As of now only the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 has been announced. It is a slimmer take on the companies' usual QWERTY design conventions and coupled with the success of BBM, could help turn RIM's fate. BBM has been crucial in keeping RIM's devices in with the cool crowd, the company now allegedly adds 48 new users to the service every second. 

According to Mike Lazardis, RIMs second CEO, the decision to hold back on handset releases could mean that the company will emerge ahead of the competition. 

Don't expect things to get particularly exciting in the BlackBerry camp until QNX-powered handsets start being released, which are not likely to hit shops until 2012. Things like the BlackBerry Storm 3 and Torch 2 could help pass the time for RIM, but it definitely needs to get its skates on and get some handsets released.

Return to form for BlackBerry? Or bad times? 

Hunter Skipworth

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