There is a new superpower and it's set to take over, not just the world, but almost every aspect of our lives.

I'm talking about the smartphone. It was announced yesterday that in a year's time more than half the UK population will have them and that means some 15 million people will have one of the most powerful and influential gadgets in their pockets.

They've replaced our cameras, our Filofaxes, our iPods, our Gameboys, our alarm clocks, our DVD players and our camcorders. They're taking control and most of us wouldn't dream of being without them now.

Their next step towards global tech domination can be found at as they take on that humble little gizmo - the game controller.

We didn't realise that this needed an update, but Joy Pad puts paid to that misconception quite nicely.

Once downloaded it replaces your favourite game controller and means you can control your iMac or PC from your iPhone. It's all done over Wi-Fi and works seamlessly as far as we can tell.

Is there no stopping the relentless march of the little oblongs of wizardry...?

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