Those considering SSD (Solid State Drive) adoption should consider taking a peek at the new Samsung 470 series which will ship with Norton Ghost 15.0 migration software built in. 

Norton Ghost essentially is a Windows version of Time Machine, with a few extra features. A full system backup is created so you can boot a system or easily recover data if it crashes. 

Priced in at £39.99 normally but included in the new Samsung drives for free, it should hopefully make data migration to solid state a lot easier. Norton is promising an up to 75 per cent decrease in the time taken to migrate and start up a new system from old. 

This also means Samsung is to start a corporate partnership with Symantec, meaning we could expect to see more of its software appearing on Sammy's products. 

Market intelligence firm iSuppli predicts SSD sales to expand more than three times by 2015 to a value of 7.5 billion dollars.

For those who are yet to give SSD a try, it is an easy way to speed up a struggling laptop. Looks like things just got a bit easier thanks to the new Samsung 470 drives which are expected to launch later this month.

SSD? Or you happy with your drives?

Hunter Skipworth

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