In a move that sees the ultimate fusion of television and fashion, Dave Forbes of Cathode Corner has created the videocoat, a completely wearable telly.

We're not sure how well this one will do in the rain, it being highly unlikely that a 12v battery powered LED coat is particularly waterproof. Still it will most definitely keep you warm. 

Sure things might not quite be HD with a meagre 160x120 resolution but who needs hi-def when you can literally wear your favourite movie.

For those planning on picking one can't. It is a one off and even if you did manage to acquire it, it only plays NTSC format video.

Amazingly it can pick up content from both a DVD player and iPod, meaning you could transport a library of movies with you to watch on your clothes on the way home. Nothing suspect in a public place though, people might look at you funnier than they already will be.