Toshiba and Intel have come together to create a social network powered horror movie called 'Inside'. Made by Disturbia director D.J. Caruso ,the "social film project" sees will let let consumers post tweets and Facebook messages for the lead character to follow.

The idea is that Christina, the films heroine played by Emmy Rossum is helped by concerned social networkers via a Toshiba Satellite P775 mysteriously left in the room she is trapped in. Given she is totally unaware of her location and surroundings, the power of social networking is supposed to save her, along with..of course...a handy i7 processor and laptop.

YouTube fans can get even more involved with the project, with one lucky viewer getting a role via auditions made using the video website. The casting call is set to end July 20th. More information is available at

Expect the whole project to begin showing on 25 July in episodic form. Us 'linters will undoubtedly be there to throw the lead off the scent and keep her trapped in that room forever (we're nice really). 

A bit too much like advertising? Or a good idea for a film?