Forza 4 isn't due out until October, so for now you're going to have to make do with snippets of news, our quick play preview and this - the new trailer just released by Turn 10 Studios.

The video shows in-game footage and highlights the incredible graphics that will be on offer for Xboxers come release day (check out the walnut finish on the steering wheel) - all set to a background of Kanye West's 'Power'. Pretty apt we though.

Visually, the new Forza is stunning. The light engine has been completely overhauled so that it now takes each light source (such as the sun in daylight) and maps them onto everything in the gameworld, track included - all in real time. It's a complex concept, but one that pays off in spades. Everything looks like it belongs together, rather than different graphical objects placed on top of each other.

The video features some in-car action from a souped-up Ferrrai - just one of the 80+ manufacturers that will be featured on the game.

There's also mention of the voice and head recognition Kinect features, that Pocket-lint has previously reported on.

Forza 4 will be hitting shops on 14 October.