Volition Inc's Saints Row series is famed for its outright stupidity when it comes to open world gaming. The silly mans GTA is set to get its third iteration this November and early adopters are to be rewarded in the form of Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack.

Based around a life and death game show that has become popular in the Saints Row world, it sees early purchasers getting additional vehicles and outfits.

First up is Genki's man-a-pult, which is a sort of people firing cannon mounted on top of a giant cat van with a vacuum on the front. 

There is also the Octopuss cannon, a special enemy subduing weapon that calms adversaries by launching octopuses that massage their heads.

Finally there is Genki's own Leisure Stunt Suit, which is a sort of scary version of Hello Kitty that the player can use as an in game outfit.

Saints Row: the Third is shaping up nicely. It seems to be the most extreme of the series yet, whilst doing away with a lot of the graphical nastiness found in older versions.

Saints Row or GTA?

Hunter Skipworth

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