What a week. Anybody who thought the phone hacking scandal was a salacious storm in a celebrity teacup has had to have a radical rethink in the past 5 days.

When the news broke on Monday that the alleged hacking of people’s voicemails had taken a sinister and sickening turn regarding the people who had been targeted, the world suddenly sat up and took a bit more notice. The great and the good of the gossip pages was one thing. Murdered children and grieving families is something very, very different.

There is, and always has been, one media outlet at the forefront of this investigation – The Guardian.

At www.guardian.co.uk you’ll see the latest revelations as they happen and you can also catch up with everything that has happened up until now.

The closing of the News of the World has changed the media landscape for good, and as journalists ourselves, we’ll be watching the unfolding events with the same levels of shock, bewilderment and, dare I say it, shame, as everybody else.

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