The JailbreakMe creators have just fixed what could be a major security flaw in iOS, making hacking your iPhone or iPad a more secure solution that what Apple gives you out of the box. 

Apple has long been adamant that the jailbreaking process could lead to exposing your idevice to cybercrime by opening up holes in its security. 

Hacker Comex announced the arrival of JailbreakMe 3 on Wednesday, an online tool for jailbreaking idevices. He used a security exploit called a 'zero day' flaw, which could potentially leave iOS totally open to hackers, who could even gain complete control of devices.

Forbes has reported that the team behind JailbreakMe also went ahead and patched the exploit before Apple was even aware of its existence, releasing it via the Cydia store. The PDF based bug they used to create the jailbreak is easily used for malicious purposes by other hackers. This means that the Cydia based download not only protects idevices from hacking but it also exists before Apple release an update themselves. 

It usually takes Apple two or three weeks to close up any gaps discovered by hackers in iOS. Last year they turned round an update to battle JailbreakMe 2 in just two weeks. The problem is that for the time being only those who have jailbroken their iPhones will be safe from attack.

Ironic? Just a bit....

To jailbreak or not to jailbreak? That is our question?

Hunter Skipworth

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