APP OF THE DAY: PhotoToaster review (iPhone/iPad)

There are lots of photography apps around including the phenomenally popular Hipstamatic, as well as a few other gems like Shakeit and Colour Splash. We've even rounded up some of the best iPhone photography apps and the best Android photography apps here on Pocket-lint. If you've tried all of those and you're after something a little different then why not check out the new kid on the block - PhotoToaster.

PhotoToaster (iPhone/iPad)

iOS 4 or later


Like many other photo apps, PhotoToaster enables you to apply lots of different effects to your snaps, making them look like vintage photos if you choose. You can crop your photos using three different frame formats (square, vertical rectangle or horizontal rectangle).

A comprehensive range of presets (split into basic, deluxe and supreme) will let you change the appearance of your snaps. There are plenty of options on offer including coloured filters, along with retro effects to make your pictures look like polaroids, lomo snaps or vintage sepia prints. Sticking to the presets keeps things simple, but if you want a bit more control then you can use the presets for each separate category (lighting, fx, vignettes and borders) or take things further and dive right into the individual slider controls, where you can tweak the settings manually.

The nifty bit is when the effects are applied, the result is live so that you can see what your snap will look like in less than a second. If you don't like it, you can either "undo" what you've just done or select a different effect.

When you're done you can either save the image to your picture gallery or send it via email or SMS or post it to facebook and tumblr. This is a great little app that offers plenty of flexibility so it's well worth a look if you like taking snaps on your iPhone (or your iPad).