Probably one of the best things the Internet is used for by many people, is recommendations. Whether it’s the best films, the coolest cars, the funkiest cocktail bars, the cheapest prices on 42-inch 3D plasma TVs, whatever, a few clicks will get you to more opinions than you can shake a wireless mouse at.

The big problem then, is that which of those opinions do you listen to?

We’ve all seen sensible, constructive feedback published online. And we’ve all seen the ranting, toxic nonsense spilling from the keyboards of dribbling morons too.

The online world is full of rogue builders, dodgy investment brokers and sites that will just plain rip you off and the real world is full of people, places and processes that will only ever disappoint you.

Thank goodness then for, a new site which will only give you recommendations from the people you trust - your mates.

And if you can’t trust them, you probably need to get out more. Good job you’ll know where to go.

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