How do fancy 24 hours of the best mash mixing you can find? From the DJ team who practically invented the musical genre, comes a new internet radio station featuring 24 hour-long mixes for you to stream or download.

The Belgian duo, otherwise known as 2ManyDJs, have spent the past 2 years, and nearly every penny they’ve got, creating this extraordinary audio visual feast. It’s visual because each mix is accompanied by films, made up of the album covers of the tracks featured, animated with almost Pythonesque mischief and artistry.

This isn’t background music either - you’ll want to immerse yourself in this for the full experience.

New mixes will be coming online over the next few weeks and you can catch the boys live too - all the details are here. Apps are available if you want to enjoy the musical mayhem wherever you are on your tablet or smartphone too.

Catch it now at . And if you’re wondering why they’ve done it as an internet radio station, it’s to get round those tricksy copyright laws. A smart move.

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