As we sit here writing this, we can glance over to one wall of our office and see our music collection. Our entire musical life sits there on the shelving - from the first single bought, the first album cherished, right through to the first compact disc marvelled at.

We can even see the first thing we bought on all formats: vinyl, cassette and CD (Massive Attack's Blue LInes, in case you're wondering). Our music collection has grown with us and we're proud of it. We think of it as a well-tended garden, and like any garden it’s needed a little pruning as our tastes have changed (or we've come to our senses).

But in the digital age, with downloading becoming how we buy my music, that pruning process involves dragging the files to the trash and saying goodbye forever. No chance of any money back, and what’s maybe a little sadder, no chance of anybody else enjoying the tunes we're discarding.

That’s all changed now with

Here you can finally, legally dispose of your unwanted MP3s and get some cash back on everything you sell.

Just like the old music exchange stores of our youth, the tunes we no longer want can live on in somebody else’s collection.

We hope they’re happy there.

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