The Nokia N950 landed earlier this month, along with its N9 brother, as a developer only handset designed to get the MeeGo creative ideas a flowing.

However, its arrival caused quite a stir online and the handset has already achieved somewhat of a cult following.

This video, albeit in Thai, gives a comprehensive overview of the MeeGo Harmattan UI in action - the same interface you'd get if you were to buy the N9.

There's a good look at the camera functions, the messaging and phone setups, Facebook interface, browsing, maps and more.

The N950 boasts the same 1GHz OMAP3630 processor and PowerVR SGX530 graphics as the N9 and  roughly the same spec sheet as well.

It has a physical slide-out QWERTY, a slightly larger screen at 4-inches (the N9 is 3.9-inches) but with the same 854x480 resolution - albeit a TFT rather than AMOLED display - a slightly different camera and a different version of Bluetooth. There's also no NFC support on the N950 and a slightly less powerful battery.

If you're keen to get your mitts on the N950 then don't bother looking for it in the shops - it isn’t available for purchase and can only be obtained through selected developer programs.