Ok before you get too excited, we are going to have to give the secret away with this one....No this is not a video of the brand new device from Apple. Instead it is something almost as equally cool, an iPhone made entirely out of fruit.

Website topfruit.com created the viral in order to try and spread its love for all things that grow on trees. Those deep blacks we see on current gen iPhone displays are created using nothing other than aubergines and blackberrys (oh the irony). The application icons use mangos (not of the Windows Phone 7 kind), grapes and kiwis in order to get rich and video colours. There's even oranges involved, but not of the UK operator kind either. 

While this might not be what the iPhone 5 will look like (when it eventually makes an appearance), we can only dream of a fruit based mobile. 

We just wonder if you could make more than 5 calls a day on it? [groan].

Fruit or phone?