Chinese news website Biznewschina has published a story that points to a teenager offering up her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4. 

Apparently the young girl wanted one of the handsets but her father refused to buy her it. She then set about building an advert on microblogging service Weibo, similar to Twitter, which included a photo and details about her deal. 

This isn't the first time that Chinese Apple fans have taken to the extreme to pick up an iDevice. Earlier this year there was reports of a young boy selling his kidney for an iPad 2. The organ went for 22,000 yuan or around $3400 dollars.

It is entirely possible that the iPhone 4 offer is a prank played on the girl by her friends. The Apple device is a highly sought after gadget across the globe, with it being particularly popular in China. The country recently gained one of the largest Apple stores in the world in Shanghai, with the company allegedly planning a further 25.

Surely this is wrong? Let us know what you think below..

Hunter Skipworth

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