Whilst it may have its shortcomings, no one can deny the power behind the Nokia N8's camera. The Finnish manufacturer managed to pack a tasty 12 megapixel sensor into the back of the handset, resulting in some serious mobile imaging. 

Nokia hosts a competition in honour of their camera tech which pits short film makers against each other in an ultra-arty battle. The result is the Splitscreen: A love story video, an incredibly clever take on the journey two people have toward meeting each other. 

The video is split into two parts, one set in New York, the other Paris, with the pair eventually meeting in London. 

On top of being a really clever idea, what also comes through in the film is the quality of video that can be shot on the N8. Quite frankly there is nothing else we have seen from a camera phone that looks this good. Fingers crossed Nokia gets it right with its first WP7 offering, because a decent OS, with a cam like that to boot makes a mighty persuasive offer. 

Holding out for Nokia's WP7? We want to know!