With the latest version of Ford SYNC, the car manufacturer's in-car voice command system, you can now draw from over 10,000 individual words that it recognises. This means that the company, along with collaborator Nuance, can offer many new ways for you to get Ford MyTouch or other compatible technology to access content.

For example, on the old version of the system, if you wanted to find a local restaurant, you would have to say a clunky phrase such as "find restaurant in Atlanta" or similar. Now, all you have to say is "I'm hungry" and Ford SYNC will bring up the nearest eateries.

Another example would be "where's the cheapest gas?" in order to find the local filling stations and a list of their prices.

And, Gracenote, the music metadata mining company, has also been working closely with Ford and its latest version of SYNC, in order to make the voice-controlled playback and selection of music tracks easier.

The company has been busy ensuring that the system understands all manner of intricate associated words, including all of the band and artist names you might have stored on your iPhone, including aliases. It now allows you to abbreviate some bands, or call Prince Symbol, and it definitely makes things easier.

Gracenote's director of marketing and communications, Graham McKenna took Pocket-lint through the system during the recent Forward with Ford conference in Dearborn, US, in order to show just how easy it is to find artists now. And it doesn't even matter if you can pronounce their name properly or not...

Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch hands-on