This is a site that got a mention in the latest episode of Top Gear and for once, it’s quite a find.

If you’re not a petrolhead, you can probably turn away now.

But, if you’re into all things motor,, will be worth bookmarking, especially for the next time you come to buy or sell a car.

For most, it will make an interesting diversion, but for the connoisseur, this could prove invaluable, as it tells you how many of each particular model is still on the road.

When buying, it will tell you if you’re on to a future classic. When selling, it’ll be something extra to add to the details to help get the right price.

For me, I’m wishing I’d hung on to that ’94 Corsa GSI pocket rocket I owned. There aren’t too many of them left on the road.

Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, ain’t it?

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