HP plans on building the WebOS developer community with a curated carousel of applications the company thinks do justice to the new tablet.  

The idea is that TouchPad users can find new interesting applications to download from what will be initially a somewhat spartan app catalogue launching on 1 July. The Pivot content will be released monthly to users in English, French, German and Spanish.

The different approach to app discovery HP hopes will attract new developers to the platform. Set for release on 2 July in the UK, the TouchPad uses the new WebOS 3.0, which HP took over from Palm. 

Applications have been crucial to mobile device success. Apple's iPhone sales grew massively once the app store took off and the burgeoning iPad app library continues to help sell units.

HP is clearly looking to do the same with the TouchPad but has a long way to go if they expect to be able to take on the app giants of Apple and Google.

Keen to give WebOS a go? Or sticking to your iPad?

Hunter Skipworth

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