Volkswagen has come up with a clever 'temporary auto pilot' system to help drivers through those lengthy motorway slogs. 

TAP uses lane detection, speed monitoring and scans the road ahead for other vehicles, so you can sit back and let the car drive itself. Thankfully the system is instantly override-able, so no nasty computer cock-ups or Skynet attacks. 

Drivers can set speed themselves and leave the car to deal with stop and start traffic by itself. TAP can manage anything up to 130 kilometres per hour, with Volkswagen pointing out that the driver can "intervene in safety-critical situations at any time."

Volkswagen has said that unlike previous attempts at automated driving, this new system is based on production level hardware, meaning we might see it come to fruition. The system forms a good jumping off point between current assistance systems and totally driverless vehicles, like the Toureg nicknamed Stanley which has crossed entire deserts alone.

It looks like we are still a few years off from a Minority Report style traffic situation, but still good to see VW are taking a leap in Tom Cruise's direction.

Hands on the steering wheel? Or hands-free?..

Hunter Skipworth

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