The Winklevoss twins, who's legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg was made popular thanks to the hit movie The Social Network, have finally accepted a settlement with Facebook.

The pair decided on a previously offered 2008 payout which consisted of £12.5 million in cash and £28 million in stock. The Winklevoss twins had attempted to go back on the agreed sum after they insisted that Facebook had duped them out of shares by leaving out vital information in negotiations.

Initially the Winklevoss twins had attempted to re-start their legal battle with Facebook over the 2008 settlement, this however was turned down by the Supreme Court in April.

At the time, the 2008 stock offering was worth no where near as much as it is now. It has jumped from around $45 million to a purported $150 million in value. Another likely reason they accepted the settlement then? 

A relieved Facebook spokesperson told Pocket-lint: "We've considered this case closed for a long time, and we're pleased to see the other party now agrees."

Glad to see the settlement agreed on? Or do you want a social network 2?

Hunter Skipworth

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