It looks as if Google has plans to enter into the video calling foray using the full force of its Chrome browser. 

A post on the Chromium developer blog by Henrik Andreasson points to a Chrome with audio and video real time communications built right into the browser.

Google has released the WebRTC technology as open source and royalty free software to try and is set to work with the likes of Mozilla and Opera on bringing the RTC technology to their browsers.

"When we are done, any web developer shall be able to create RTC applications, like the Google Talk client in Gmail, without using any plug-ins but only WebRTC components that runs in the sandbox." said Andreasson in the post.

The idea is that a plugin-free video calling function is creating, doing away with much of the hesitation felt when installing browser based add-ons. 

The fall-out from an in browser VoIP option from Google could be huge, especially for a service like Skype. If Google makes the service efficient and effortless then suddenly having to open a separate client, as per Skype's application, could become an unwanted hassle.

With Microsoft now at the Skype helm, it will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Hunter Skipworth

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