The days of Nokia and its love affair with the Symbian OS are numbered. The final signatures have been put in place, hands shook and leaving parties arranged. This is it, this is the end. From October 2011 all developing and support of Symbian will be up to Accenture.

By the end of the year nearly 2800 Nokia employees from around the world will move over at closing. This doesn't however mean the end of Symbian altogether, the agreement between the two companies will see Accenture developing the OS ecosystem until 2016. 

Nokia will also continue to support products like the recently released 18-carat gold Oro. CEO Stephen Elop has even said the company plans an additional 10 Symbian powered handset over the next 12 months. The new Symbian Anna update should also be headed to handsets around August this year. 

We do expect these, however, will likely be overshadowed by the companies' Windows Phone 7 plans. Still you couldn't say Nokia doesn't have enough operating systems to develop for, first Symbian, next Windows Phone 7 and now MeeGo in the form of the N9

Should Nokia make its mind up? 

Hunter Skipworth

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