UPDATE: Go to the iOS App Store and the new update with the new levels are now waiting to be played. As with previous updates of the Angry Birds Seasons HD app you'll only be able to access one level a day over the next 30 days. 


We all know the irritation caused at a picnic when a wasp attack ruins your chances of jam sandwiches. Now try and imagine the picnic devastation caused by a full scale bird attack.

Struggling? Well why not check out this Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic trailer instead to get a better idea. The new seasons release from Rovio looks set to take the application addiction even further, this time with the possibility of just a single bird to fling, meaning super difficult levels.

Rovio has gone for the blanket approach with this release, pointing to no less than iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC, Palm, Symbian and even Nook for availability. No release date as of yet, but keep yourself wired in to Pocket-lint where we will post as soon as the 'Birds take flight.

Angry Birds? Or Cut the Rope?

Hunter Skipworth

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