Viral advertising videos are sometimes a bit naff. And whilst we're not saying that this effort from Gillette is 100 per cent naff free, it's worthy of inclusion.

And that's for one killer reason. It reminds us of Neil Buchanan's Art Attack. You know, the end bit when Neil and some runners put together a giant piece of art using only used condoms, KFC boxes, Special Brew cans and other stuff they found lying around a park.

Or something like that - it was a few years ago and the memory is a little hazy these days.

To create the mega shaving scene to show off the power of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Gillette used 3,000 litres of paint, an area measuring 2,800 square metres and 1,000 litres of foam.

Federer has just kicked off his Wimbledon campaign on Centre Court, you can follow the action live at on the BBC's website - in glorious HD no less (well, 720p anyway).