Battlefield 3 continues to be talk of the town, with demo footage emerging from E3 showing a game that stands to take on the gargantuan Call of Duty franchise. 

But until now we are yet to see the game in action on consoles, with footage shown to this point being taken from what is presumably a cutting edge PC. PlayStation 3 video of the game materialised on last nights Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, and since then has caused plenty of conflict within the gaming community. 

So much conflict in fact that DICE itself has responded to gamers complaints that the PlayStation 3 version is a significant graphical drop from earlier footage.

“Why would anyone expect that console would look the same as PC? If that was the case we would have failed with the PC version.” said Johan Andersson, the games chief rendering architect on Twitter.

DICE had promised a consistent experience across platforms but gamers are saying otherwise. The developer's general manager KM Troedsson has pointed out however that: "Of course, everything we show is pre-alpha… until we hit alpha”. 

Battlefield 3 is pegged for an October release date so console gamers need not get their knickers in a twist just yet. Plenty of optimisation and smoothing will likely be happening prior to the game hitting store shelves, so expect a significant graphical jump.

Battlefield 3 on console? Or is PC what you are after? Let us know below!