Banks. They’ve come in for quite a bit of criticism in recent times. Rightly or wrongly, they’ve become the villains of the financial situation engulfing the globe and are almost universally painted as only in it for themselves.

So it’s no real surprise that some banks are embarking on a ferocious PR offensive and schemes like this are popping up. Barclays are running a competition with a first prize of £50,000 worth of investment for a new business. The shortlist is here at and it’s now at the public vote stage.

Regardless of the bank’s motives for running the competition, this is an amazing opportunity for the people pitching their ideas to the great unwashed.

We quite like Guess2give – charity giving with a chance to win some cash for yourself. Sounds a bit wrong, but when you look at it, it’s actually quite a good idea.

Take a look through and vote for your favourite. You could be the instrumental in the making of the next big thing.

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