What do you get when you cross four Chelsea players, a projector, a betting site and some footballs?

The world's most elaborate game of Space Invaders that's what.

Contestants in the 188BET challenge were David Luiz, Branislav Ivanovic, Paulo Ferreira and Nicolas Anelka and the Premier League stars were awarded 50 points for hitting an alien or 188 points for hitting the mothership.

Anelka won the challenge with a score of 2088. 

“It was a funny game, a good game to play and I hope one day I can have a garden big enough for this kind of game,” joked the French star. “The four of us enjoyed it and we were trying to help each other out getting the footballs back but I am happy that I won.

"The trophy will now sit next to the Premier League medal and all my other trophies!"