Back in January at CES, the USA's leading LCD TV supplier unveiled plans to release both an Android phone and and an Android tablet this summer.

And now here's the first footage of the tablet in action - in the house of NBA star Blake Griffin. The Rookie of The Year got hold of the 8-inch device as part of his Vizio Via Plus setup. We bet he didn't have to pay for either, despite his million dollar salary.

The Android tablet looks to have some pretty swanky TV hook-up options on board (including a full remote control option) as well as being a pretty cool looking stand-alone device too - with the usual tablet ingredients.

Labelled the Vizio VTAB1008, the device has recently paid a visit to the FCC and Walmart apparently has it priced up at $349.

No word as to whether we'll see it on this side of the pond though. We've been waiting for Vizio to make a big splash in the UK for a while now - here's hoping the tablet could be the first big arrival.