Looks like those rumours of a new MacBook air yesterday weren't so false after all. Taiwan's Economic Daily is reporting new sets of Apple ultra-thin laptops are headed to stores for sale in late June.

Around 380,000 of the new portables are said to be in the first shipment, alongside older MacBook Air's, bringing the total up to 460,000.

It is definitely worth noting that the Economic Daily news report is looking slightly like a recycled version of a post by AppleInsider. The "industry sources" referred to could in fact be those mentioned in this post by the website

The Economic Daily has added to the rumour cauldron with a juicy little iPad 3 mention, pointing to a Q3 release and 5-6 times the screen resolution. 

If the new MacBook Airs do come to fruition it is highly likely they will boast current-gen Sandy Bridge processors, giving them a much needed power boost.

The MacBook Air had until recently retained the title of the thinnest laptop in the world. Samsung have now topped that with the teeny-tiny Series 9, which includes more up to date i5 processors.

MacBook Air? Or Series 9? 

Hunter Skipworth

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