The Summer hackathon continues; first Sony and now the game developers, with Brink publisher Bethesda the latest to be hit.

"Over the past weekend, a hacker group attempted an unlawful intrusion of our websites to gain access to data," said a statement on the Bethesda website.

It looks like only usernames, email addresses and passwords were lost to the hackers. Thankfully Bethesda is reporting credit/debit card details as safe.

The hack was carried out by Lulzsec, who have featured heavily in the majority of recent cyber attack related stories, including Sony Pictures who had usernames and staff details compromised. Lulzsec also succesfully obtained and published identities and contact numbers of X-Factor US contestants.

Lulzsec's Twitter feed has been filled with threats towards gaming companies, including Bethesda. 

The Brink publisher is suggesting users change passwords on all of their websites, as well as others under which they use a similar password.

Just last week Codemasters suffered a similar cyber attack which saw their user database gained access to. There was no evidence that details were downloaded by Codemasters presumed it had been stolen. 

Sony has only just begun putting out their Welcome Back programme for the gradually recovering PlayStation Network. Expect game companies around the world to be on high alert following this most recent spate of cyber related tomfoolery. 

Bored of all this hacking?

Hunter Skipworth

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