If somebody were to ask you where yesterday had gone, what would you say? Would you have a scientific answer? A spiritual one? A metaphysical, existentialist theory that would make the inquirer ponder the very nature and existence of their question in the first place?

Or, like me would you have to ‘fess up and admit that you spent most of yesterday staring at the haunted fish tank on your desk, exploring the wonderful online universe?

Yep. Yesterday vanished in a haze of thwacks, thumps, plinks, tinkles and ooh-yeahs as I created musical masterpieces at www.beatlab.com.  I started mid-morning and mixed my way right through lunch, afternoon tea, Countdown and well into The One Show.

Beatlab makes creating your own beats about as easy as you can imagine. You simply draw on to the grid and the various sounds are dropped in where you’re drawn. Don’t like it? Simply click the squares again to change the beats. Speed it up, slow it down. Add in more sounds, including vocals, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll have professional sounding music tracks for you to pit against other users efforts on the Beat Battle.

It’s an absolute time cruncher this one, so be warned.

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