Google recently added to its growing library of doodles with perhaps the coolest one yet, in the form of a playable guitar to celebrate the 96th birthday of musical pioneer Les Paul. Quicker than a flash, Google users from all over the world quickly began working out how to play their favourite tunes and the doodle proved so popular that it now has a permanent home, just like Google's playable Pacman doodle. Here's our pick of the best tunes.

First port of call for any geek, this is the first tune that we tried our hand at and it didn't take long to work out the notes, although unfortunately there aren't enough notes on offer to play the entire piece (1115, 432, 85, 432, 85, 4342 repeated, will give you the first couple of lines, if you're interested).

Star Wars nerds from across the globe have also tried their hands at playing the Imperial March, but our favourite Star Wars-related tune is a version of the Cantina Band song from the first film.

This well-known tune has officially been the national anthem of the USA since 1931 and it was no surprise that a patriotic Google fan would try to recreate it on the playable doodle.

The result isn't perfect, as there are a few wrongs notes in there (to be fair, the selection of notes on offer is fairly limited) but it's one of the most complete tunes that anyone has managed as most of the clips on the web are just short excerpts from songs. All together now - "Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light..."

If we were impressed by the Google version of Star-Spangled Banner, then we were pretty much gobsmacked by this three-part version of Michael Jackson's classic floorfiller Billie Jean.

This time round, the person involved has clearly spent some time and effort on their recording as there are three parts to it - rhythm, bass and melody. This one is definitely worth a listen. Now, where did we put that sparkly glove...

Some of the most annoyingly catchy tunes in the world come from video games (just think of Tetris). This Google user has worked out how to the play one of the Zelda tunes and there are planty of others on YouTube if you go looking.

As well as treating us to a clip of Zelda, this musical maestro has also listed the keys to press to play a number of other tunes including the theme from Mission Impossible, Yesterday by The Beatles and Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

It seems that you can't make any sort of reference to pop culture nowadays without some sort of mention of Lady Gaga. She may sport preposterous outfits, talk total nonsense and annoy you with her expertly choreographed wackiness, but she's certainly written some catchy pop riffs, none more so than Paparazzi.

This particular tune has played by fans of Lady Gaga (or her "little monsters", as she calls them) all over the world and is probably one of the best uses that we've seen for the Les Paul logo.

What's your favourite Les Paul Google doodle tune? Have you come up with any yourself? Let us know.