Japanese food is a bit like Japan itself – famous for certain things, but nobody really understands the whole thing. Say “Japan” and people think ruthless efficiency, technological excellence and superfast trains. Say “Japanese food” and most people think raw fish. But there’s so much more…

Calling your website www.sushisushi.co.uk probably won’t do much to help dispel that myth initially, but once you spend a bit of time exploring the site, you’ll soon see that Japanese cuisine is both varied and exotic, and these people really know their wasabi from their katsu.

The curries are to die for and if you’ve never had ramen noodle soup, you haven’t lived.

Everything you need to recreate the best, and most importantly, authentic Japanese meals is available here, delivered to your door - anywhere in the world - and at prices that won’t make the eyes water. The wasabi will do that soon enough.

All your sushi requirements are here too, including advice, the all-important kit you need and a handy forum full of first-hand experience to call upon.

Say moshi moshi to a new culinary experience.

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