Bored of the puny audio output of the iPad? Then look no further than the HiWave Soundsleeve, a speaker module that can fit onto any tablet pc case. 

The idea is that the Soundsleeve provides an audio boost to whatever device you want, without adding much extra weight or thickness. Comprised of two 2W speaker drivers, the Soundsleeve adds a much higher quality level of audio to your tablet. 

HiWave is set to sell the modules to tablet accessory manufacturers who will hopefully then add the flat honeycomb style speakers into their cases. The speakers will be compatible with seven and ten inch cases, so PlayBook fans won't feel left out.

Expect cases using the HiWave technology to start turning up around Christmas this year.

As it stands there are only a few cases that use ultra-thin speakers and barely any speaker designs that add only 50g to a case. Given that the iPad 2 itself weighs 601g, the Soundsleeve has the potential to add plenty of audio oomph without much extra case-based weight.

Fancy better speakers on your tablet? Or you happy with what you got?

Hunter Skipworth

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