Logitech has put out a replacement for its best selling gaming mouse the MX518. Replacing the now somewhat vintage classic is the G400, part of Logitech's G-series products.

Sporting 1000 reports per second, the fastest USB can communicate, this is one mighty responsive mouse. Although we are not quite sure how exactly you would move your hand 1000 times a second but still its nice to know the capability is there should you need it.

The mouse also has "3600 DPI to accomplish high-speed turns without wide hand sweeps". Sounds more like a car to us. A nice handling mouse is always a necessary when you are getting a hardcore gaming session going on. 

Crucially the USB cable used is 25 percent lighter, saving you from all that difficult lifting involved when using a connected mouse. Or perhaps giving you better response times than wireless but creating the illusion that the mouse isn't connected to the computer.

Expect the G400 to start turning up in shops around mid-July, or hit logitech.com to pick one up.

What's your gaming mouse of choice?

Hunter Skipworth

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